Collaboration  We believe that two brains (or more) are better than one, and that collaborating with clients and colleagues is a more enjoyable way to work, and delivers more relevant, better designed, more innovative solutions that are more likely to make a tangible difference.

Empathy  We know how hard it can be to make change happen, so we take a compassionate and empathetic approach to the organisations and people we partner with.  We try to put ourselves in our clients’ shoes.  But we also know that there’s no change without telling-it-like-it-is, or could be, or should be.  We don’t think our clients want flannel and soft soap, and we try hard to avoid it.

Insights We bring insight, and we help unlock insight.  We bring insight from our own experiences as manager, leader, practitioner and change agent; from our boundless curiosity about the theory and practice of change; from what we know works (and doesn’t) in other organisations, and from our networks of wonderful colleagues, friends, thinkers and do-ers, who continually enrich and challenge our approach.  We use all this and more to help unlock the insights about organisational culture and change, diversity and inclusion that we believe are there in our clients too.

Action It goes without saying that we crack on with the job ourselves.  We like action that shows results, and we know our clients like it too.  After all, without action nothing’s going to change.  We love it best when we are able to help organisations and people to mobilise, doing the often-but-not-always-difficult things that are needed to make change happen.

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