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I set up for business sake in 2012, following seven years at KPMG, the global accounting firm, where I was Director of diversity, inclusion and employee engagement for a workforce of 30,000 people across ten European countries.  I’m often heard to say ‘I love organisations’ (and usually mean it).   I believe passionately in the capability of all organisations to think and behave differently, and to benefit from doing so.

Alongside degrees from the universities of Cambridge and Bristol, I’m a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.  In 2013 I qualified with a Certificate in Consulting and Change from the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (TIHR).  Studying with TIHR introduced me to a whole new approach to understanding and interpreting what goes on beneath the surface of organisations and individuals, to inhibit or enable change, and I find my consulting practice (and I hope, my clients!) benefiting from these insights.  I have continued my ongoing professional development studying behavioural science, complex change and Gestalt in organisations.  Iwas formerly a trustee of Relate, the UK relationship charity, and external adviser on diversity and inclusion at the UK government’s Department of Business Innovation and Skills (now Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy).  I sit on the HR sub-committee for Amnesty International UK, and I’m also Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion in Business Council for The Conference Board in Europe.

Sarah Bond, Founder and Director, for business sake